​Fiction Guild Review: The Wedding Dress By: Rachel Hauck 

I have loved each book in this series! It perfectly blends the historical aspect with the contemporary and adds in a dash of faith and fate. In the Wedding Dress we get the story of how 4 women encounter this beautiful dress that is just perfect for them. Now before you think this is going to go all Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants let me assure you it goes so much deeper than that. 

In all of Rachel’s books we see positive relatable female role models and none more so than Emily Ludlow. She is such a strong character and we really see parallels between her and Charlotte, each have their own struggles and ideas on how love and marriage is supposed to look but neither are ones to go with convention and that is what makes this a memorable story. 

We go on such a journey and I loved how Rachel did the pacing and included chapters from other characters POV, it added something special to the story. I would highly recommend this story and author to anyone looking for a heartwarming story.