Fiction Guild Review: An Uncommon Protector By: Shelley Shepard Gray 

​Fiction Guild Review: An Uncommon Protector By: Shelley Shepard Gray 

This story while it functions completely well as a standalone features characters from the first Lone Star Heroes novel. 

I loved the first story in this series so I was extremely pleased to find some of the characters crossed over to this story. Shelley always gives us the most vibrant historical read and in this case she exceeds her previous stories from the descriptions of the bluebonnet sky Texas is famous for to the impact that cattle ranches and the railroad had on American life in this time period. 

I loved the Laurel sounds like a awesome heroine, she really blossoms over the course of this story, you knew she had to have gumption! Being a single woman running a ranch in this time was rare and so when we first see her and her recalcitrant behavior I was initially worried she was going to be a bit of a doormat, and  wouldn’t have fit the mold for how she was described but she really stepped up after a couple chapters and that made me admire her even more. I love when the heroines in a story really challenge society’s mores and shakes things up. When things aren’t right even the smallest voice can have a impact. 

Thomas is a Shane esqe kind of character to me (for those of you who have seen the movie haha) and it made me intrigued when he would actually realize he was honorable, he had some major character growth in this story and every minute of it was inspiring. 

The little bit of mystery kept this story moving right along and kept the reader engaged and flipping pages just to see how it was gonna all shake out. I cannot wait for more stories from this author. 


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