Review: Ends Here By: M. Robinson

​Review: Ends Here By M. Robinson 

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After the collective AHHHH GRRRRR!!! that rose up in the reader community for those who read Road To Nowhere (book 1) Ends Here is the sweet relief we have been waiting for! (Now, that isn’t to say its all sunshine and sparkles . . . Becuase really this isn’t some powder puff romance! I mean you have read M’s other books right?) But if you are the type of gal (or guy!) Who likes their romance with a side of gritty realism then this is your perfect read. 

Creed, Mia and Noah create this very interesting love triangle kind of thing and that adds some tension, but the main tension source is who is in danger next and from whom? It gives Creed and Mia this against all odds,– ride or die storyline that is grittier than book one and the stakes are even higher. 

Last count Road to Nowhere made me set my Kindle down 4 times. . . Times where the story either got too intense or I had a what the? Moment. . . Ends Here tops out at a whopping 9 times. . . Always something I know i’m gonna experience in a M. Robinson novel. . . But this one goes above and beyond her others. 


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