Fiction Guild Review! The Illusionist’s Apprentice By: Kristy Cambron

​Fiction Guild Review! The Illusionist’s Apprentice By: Kristy Cambron 

This was such a lush and richly detailed story about the great Harry Houdini’s protege. Wren Lockhart isn’t quite what she seems (but no illusionist worth her salt is) and she is hip deep in a mystery that has so many tangled involvements and people you think are trustworthy that it keeps you locked in and reading until the story hits a fever pitch. 

I love this historical time period, the fashion, how society was a melting pot and ebbing and flowing in a state of flux. Vaudeville is such a fascinating subject and I loved how much detail Kristy put into this story. You can really appreciate all of the hours she spent researching and her painstaking attention to detail to get everything just right. 

The majority of the book is a mystery type of novel but there is also a bit of romance involved as well, and that will they or won’t they begin a relationship gives you a added level of drama which I thought was a nice touch. Like a master illusionist when things were getting too intense on the mystery front Kristy switches our focus to Wren and Elliot and their fledgling relationship. 

I loved so much about this book (as I have other stories by this author) I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a historical that is a little out of the ordinary, but completely enthralling. 


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