Review: Paper Fools By: Staci Hart

​Review: Paper Fools By: Staci Hart

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Way back in the day (okay, like 3 years ago ish) I discovered an amazing author during a takeover I immediately snapped up all of her books (that were out at that point) Paper  Fools is a re-edited and revamped edition of Book One in the Hearts and Arrows series and I was so excited to see how the story had evolved from that first version that made me fall in love with Staci’s writing. 

Aphrodite (Dita) is still one of my favorite female characters of all time and in this revamped version she has only gotten more amazing. She is a force of nature, take no prisoners, and unapologetic about it. She is woman hear her roar! Haha I love her so much. Staci’s books always feature a strong positive female role model character and Dita is definitely that. 

Along with Dita on the strong lady boss list is Perry (somehow the one I relate to the most! Not surprising if you’ve met me haha) but I love her and Dita’s snarky bff’s relationship. 

Now, Dita (along with the other gods on Olympus) engage in these games, usually meddling with Mortals haha and Dita is the best at this game — she hasn’t lost in over 3,000 years so her odds are pretty good right? You would think! But comic hijinks ensue when the rules of the game involve she picks the woman and Apollo picks the man. . . At stake for the Gods? (Besides bragging rights. . .) Is a token for one God to do another a favor. For the Mortals? This little thing called love. . . Happily ever afters and whatnot. 

Dean and Lex are the couple brought together and this is a battle of the musician who is a serial dater (Dean) and a artist ensconced in her quaint bookstore job (Lex) and boy somehow they are complete opposites but yet make perfect sense. I love stories with characters like that and these 2 have that sharp witty banter we have come to love from Staci’s characters. Their story isn’t a picture perfect unbelievable romance (thank goodness!) But it is perfectly imperfect for them. Its relatable, adorable, sexy and comedic in the best ways. This story is and always has been one of my top 3 favorites of Staci’s and I know it’s perfect for us die hard fan girls and newbies alike. I cannot wait to see how the rest of these books have evolved from the originals I have read. 


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