Review: Revelry By: Kandi Steiner

​Review: Revelry By: Kandi Steiner 

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Kandi does it again! After ripping my heart out (and piecing it back together at the end) with her last book she gives us this gorgeous story of a woman learning to stand on her own and starting over and a man who is so boxed in by loss and guilt that he has a lonely existence. 

I swear there are few things I enjoy more than a new book by Kandi. . . Really, the list goes, snuggles with my love, doggie kisses, a glass of wine and a new Kandi Steiner novel. . . (And if I could have all of those at once? That’s heaven on earth ladies and gentlemen!) 
But with all of her heroines its like she has taken snapshots of my life. . . Natalie (Weightless) — teen years, B– (Love Letter to Whiskey) Wren– just about 4 years ago I was in the same spot, looking to start over after my marriage failed. No one could ever sum that time up better than the first few chapters from Wren’s POV on how much of a mental tail spin you head into during that time. So right from the get go I was like “I feel you on this one!” 
(BTW the hot tub scene? Totally something that would happen to me haha I am indeed that accident prone) 

Anderson is probably one of Kandi’s most complex characters EVER! from the first time we meet him he is an engima. . . Broody and well let’s face it a little socially awkward but we gradually find out more about him and why he has so much on his mind. You get such a sense of accomplishment when you discover something new about his life haha it’s like (Hallelujah! We discovered another piece of the puzzle! *fist bump*) 

This story is one of those ones that your heart needs but never knew it required. Its more than just a love story, its more than just a story about letting go and moving on. . . Its a story about life in all of its beautiful mosaic moments. 


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