Review: Dropout By: Jamie Schlosser

​Review: Dropout By: Jamie Schlosser 

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Ahhhh its here!! FINALLY!! (Can you tell i’ve been going through a Jamie withdrawal?) Jimmy and Mackenna’s story is everything I knew it would be and more! I love this series of books so much I would totes move to Tolson! This setting always feels like home with all its quirky inhabitants (Beverly i’m looking at you!) 

One of the many strengths of the story is the dynamic between Jimmy and Mackenna, (I love how Jamie writes her heroes, I love a good guy, with a smidge of alpha, a little sarcastic and cocky. Give me a book with that kind of guy any day versus a billionaire into domination) their chemistry is off the charts right from their hilarious first meeting! (Not every guy can pull off frills. . . Just sayin!) And Mackenna is the type of heroine that you always want for your besties she’s just a nice, sweet fiery girl. . . She’s had a rough go in life but she’s still standing up and fighting through it. You gotta respect a woman like that. 

There were so many moments where I was so completely enraptured in the story I forgot I had a fresh cup of coffee until it was cold (which I never do!) Forgot I had laundry that needed to go in the dryer (which okay, I always do) that I could not put the book down. This one is tied with Trucker for my absolute fave of Jamie’s books! 

As usual Beverly is borderline inappropriate and totally awesome and I always look forward to getting a laugh out of that woman! I would love having a grandma like that haha. There were other moments that had me gigglesnorting. . . Once you read it you’ll know the one that had me snorting and giggling excessively. . . (Okay, so what if I was acting like a 12 year old, but who knew the skin on your elbow was called that! Bahahaha) 

This story has all the elements I look forward to in a romance novel, fantastic writing, characters that are relatable, humor and shenanigans and finally heart! It grabs you and holds on tight! I couldn’t get enough. 


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