​Review: Black By: K. L.  Grayson 

Review: Black By: K. L.  Grayson 
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I adore each and everyone of K. L. ‘s books and while her books are typically real life romances (you know the ones I’m talking about.  . . Where the love stories don’t ask you to suspend your disbelief and they may be perfectly imperfect together but they are absolutely perfect for each other in all ways they just fit.)  But with Black she gives us a new level. It starts off a little on the gritty side and I was applauding her choice to just jump right in and not sugar coat it for us,  there is a mystery going on here and it revolves around the supressed memories of Shae.  This story grips you from the first couple pages,  the drive to figure out this mystery and pervades the love story becomes the driving force.  Shae is coming to Chicago for a quest for answers as to what happened to her father and sister when she was 9. and also meeting up with her best friends Erin and JJ for a new start.  
Erin and JJ know a little of Shae’s back-story but not the whole thing. They are this great support system for her. She finds a fantastic new job so things are looking up! (Just wait though!)  Erin takes them to this hot club for her bachelorette party and Shae sees someone she recognizes.  . . Rex had met Shae when she had just gotten into town and felt that spark.  . . They didn’t exchange info so imagine her surprise when Rex is the owner of the club where Erin is having her party.  . . The coincidences don’t stop there though! The pacing of this story is amazing! It’s fast paced,  but how K. L.  parcels out all the reveals and secrets and really develops the connections between characters takes us to a whole new level of storytelling. Its MARVELOUS!  
There are so many twists and shocking moments that you cannot put this book down.  I found myself frantically flipping pages just trying to see what happens next and once I got to the end I was left breathless!  Yes,  its different from most K. L.  Grayson stories but it is her best yet! Shae and Rex are electric together and their chemistry crackles off the pages.  


​Review: The Weight Of Life By: Whitney Barbetti 

Review: The Weight Of Life By: Whitney Barbetti 
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Ohhh yessss! Few things perk up my bookish life than a new Whitney Barbetti book and with the Weight of Life she gave me the gift of another story with one of the most fascinating side characters,  I loved Mila from Into the Tomorrows and I knew there was so much more of a story there with such a vivacious character.  When we meet her again at the beginning of this story her shine has been dulled a bit with the passing of her boyfriend,  and her wandering spirit is both fullfilling Colin’s last wish and trying to reconcile her new existence.  Nothing like a trip to help you find yourself again (what is that about traveling?  Helps you get out of your head and puts things into perspective somehow)  but after a chance meeting with her very own knight in shining armor (I can hear Ames scoffing from the pages as we speak to get referred to that way)  we learn that there is much more going on here than we initially see. 
This is a story about life,  love,  loss and new beginnings.  It could have easily turned into a droopy angst fest but Whitney gives us this story that is beautiful and overwhelmingly hopeful.  Despite all of the loss these characters have experienced it also makes them appreciate life more fully.  This story was so powerful that after I finished it I had to let my thoughts breathe to fully appreciate all of the different levels and things I love about this story.  
Mila was one of my favorite characters in Into The Tomorrows and so I knew in traditional Barbetti style there are no secondary characters there are just characters who haven’t gotten their stories told yet.  And as magnetic as she is I knew the hero that Whitney conjured up would have to have that same quality but at the same time would have to have some gravity to him as well and Ames is definitely that.  Not since Everett (way back when)  has a male character been so thought provoking, (don’t get me wrong all of Whitney’s heroes have something about them that makes you sit up and take notice!) But,  Ames is one of my absolute favorites.  And their banter and relationship just flies off the page and hits you in the feels.  They are beauty and perfection personified.  A beautifully imperfect duo that I hope we can see many times (hopefully in the future.  . . Like soon!  Like I’ll send you all the tacos in the state Barbetti!) 
This to me is on my top reads of the year list for oh,  so many reasons but one of the top reasons is its such a visceral story,  I mean I dare you to not get caught up in the emotions and the descriptive style of this story.  At any given moment you know what is at stake for these characters and the fact that they roll the dice and keep daring life to throw something else at them makes it a truly inspiring must read.  

Release Blitz! The Weight Of Life By:Whitney Barbetti


“Don’t let go.” Those were my first words to him, as I hung over the side of a London bridge. The words I would soon say again, in a moment that didn’t involve bridges, but something much more fragile: my heart.

He held onto me for three weeks, in a time when I needed to be held. Needed to connect to someone who understood how loss tunneled unrepentantly through the fabric of your soul.

Although he said he’d stay, we both knew he wouldn’t. I had already survived one loss—I didn’t know if I’d survive another. 


She spun into my life like a tornado of smiles and chatter and everything else I’d long avoided, with a persistence that I admired, albeit begrudgingly. She broke down each neat wall I’d constructed without even trying. Her presence alone caused me to remember what it felt like to smile, to look forward to what the day would bring.

But it was only supposed to last three weeks.

“Don’t let go,” she’d pleaded.

I’d promised her I wouldn’t—but I would. I didn’t have a choice.

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​Review: Riptide By: Kinsey Corwin 

Review: Riptide By: Kinsey Corwin 
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When the weather starts to get warm I find myself with a craving for books with a beachy,  sand and surf and sun kind of vibe to it and I was immediately drawn to this one! The cover and the blurb drew me in and while I don’t usually purchase books I can get on Kindle Unlimited something told me I needed this book! So I plunked down my 99 pennies and dove in! Now,  let me tell you it was the best dollar I have spent in a LONG time!  
First thing I noticed was the descriptive writing style! If I have one kryptonite it is a descriptive writing style.  . . If you can make me experience the story on a more sensory level then you have gained a fan for life and this book is tops in the game for evoking sights,  smells and how the wind feels ghosting over your skin as you stand by the ocean.  So by the third page I was invested in this story as more than a beachy read,  it was an experience.  
Secondly — these characters! Just wow! Hunter is this complex character and watching his development from chapter one  then going into chapter 2 where the story jumps ahead 2 years is displayed very well,  there is a specific shift in his personality and it really sets up the dynamic between himself and Phoenix — I loved her blunt,  no holds barred almost snarky attitude.  We gradually discover there is a reason she is the way she is as well and the pacing for both characters is so well done that it just flows organically.  (You know what I mean,  in some stories it feels like when you go to peeling back the layers of character information and backstory sometimes it feels forced and with Hunter and Phoenix it just flows and it is becuase its honest with their characters) 
There are some deep issues in this novel and despite those heavy moments there is such a impressive story that I couldn’t stop thinking about after I finished it. It deals with a lot more than just love and romance haha while that is a aspect, the finding what drives you, what makes your heart beat faster and that question of could you leave everything you worked hard for behind. I love how honest it was about those things, people change, goals change and the evolution of a person is always quite the journey to read about. 
I would highly recommend this book to fans of the extreme sports genre , the new adult genre  and for fans of Rebecca Yarros’s Renegades series! 

​Review: Accepting the Moon By: K. S.  Haigwood 

Review: Accepting the Moon By: K. S.  Haigwood 

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00N81SZ0U/ref=sxts_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1496320559&sr=1&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65

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This book opens up with a bang! Some paranormal stories the first couple chapters kind of ease you into the story but this one jumps in with both feet into the deep end. I really enjoyed that aspect of it,  as it is a novella you don’t have time to mess around haha.  

We learn a lot in the first chapter,  Mena’s world is crumbling down,  her marriage of 12 years has sustained irreparable damage (and all the emotions that go with that!  I think the author potrayed that emotional tailspin extremely well with how they write Mena’s thought process and internal dialogue) she has more shocking revelations to come though! 

This story is told in a dual POV format for the most part with Mena and Jaxon — Jaxon is an intriguing character right from the start! He is as secretive and an enigma as Mena is wide open and we know a lot about her.  That comparison really sets things up well,  I’m always intrigued by 2 characters that are almost polar opposites because it always leads to sweet conflict and fireworks when they finally get their act together haha. Later in the story we begin to see chapters told from Phoenix’s POV and he is this force of nature.  . . As the leader of the Vampires he has lived through many such pack dust ups and leader changes but now he has a new hitch in the plan. His attraction to Mena sets up a love triangle that will definitely shake things up.  

Now once we get to chapter 5 we already have hints that things are not quite as they seem but once we have confirmation of that holy guacamole! Things really pick up! Then its more of an intense thrill ride than just a story with characters who have witty,  snarky banter! A whole new level and complication rocks Mena’s world and ties her and Jaxon’s and  Phoenix’s world together.  Vampires,  werewolves and possible hybrids oh my! 

All of this leads to one intense finale that sets the reader up for the next book in the series.  If you are a die hard fan of the genre this is the series for you! The classic battle between vampires and werewolves has been written about for ages but this author manages to breathe new life into it and makes it entertaining.  I can’t wait to see where this story goes!