​Review: The Weight Of Life By: Whitney Barbetti 

Review: The Weight Of Life By: Whitney Barbetti 
Amazon Link: http://mybook.to/TheWeightofLife

Ohhh yessss! Few things perk up my bookish life than a new Whitney Barbetti book and with the Weight of Life she gave me the gift of another story with one of the most fascinating side characters,  I loved Mila from Into the Tomorrows and I knew there was so much more of a story there with such a vivacious character.  When we meet her again at the beginning of this story her shine has been dulled a bit with the passing of her boyfriend,  and her wandering spirit is both fullfilling Colin’s last wish and trying to reconcile her new existence.  Nothing like a trip to help you find yourself again (what is that about traveling?  Helps you get out of your head and puts things into perspective somehow)  but after a chance meeting with her very own knight in shining armor (I can hear Ames scoffing from the pages as we speak to get referred to that way)  we learn that there is much more going on here than we initially see. 
This is a story about life,  love,  loss and new beginnings.  It could have easily turned into a droopy angst fest but Whitney gives us this story that is beautiful and overwhelmingly hopeful.  Despite all of the loss these characters have experienced it also makes them appreciate life more fully.  This story was so powerful that after I finished it I had to let my thoughts breathe to fully appreciate all of the different levels and things I love about this story.  
Mila was one of my favorite characters in Into The Tomorrows and so I knew in traditional Barbetti style there are no secondary characters there are just characters who haven’t gotten their stories told yet.  And as magnetic as she is I knew the hero that Whitney conjured up would have to have that same quality but at the same time would have to have some gravity to him as well and Ames is definitely that.  Not since Everett (way back when)  has a male character been so thought provoking, (don’t get me wrong all of Whitney’s heroes have something about them that makes you sit up and take notice!) But,  Ames is one of my absolute favorites.  And their banter and relationship just flies off the page and hits you in the feels.  They are beauty and perfection personified.  A beautifully imperfect duo that I hope we can see many times (hopefully in the future.  . . Like soon!  Like I’ll send you all the tacos in the state Barbetti!) 
This to me is on my top reads of the year list for oh,  so many reasons but one of the top reasons is its such a visceral story,  I mean I dare you to not get caught up in the emotions and the descriptive style of this story.  At any given moment you know what is at stake for these characters and the fact that they roll the dice and keep daring life to throw something else at them makes it a truly inspiring must read.  


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