Review: Sugared (A Lacey Luzzi Mafia Mystery #10) By: Gina LaManna 

Review: Sugared (A Lacey Luzzi Mafia Mystery #10) By: Gina LaManna 
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Here we are 10 books into this amazing series and the moment we have been waiting for is here! (Well, we are a year past Lacey and Anthony’s adorable wedding sans family) and the “official” wedding is about to take place. Sugared starts out in typical Luzzi fashion haha and from the moment we rejoin with our favorite over the top clan it is home sweet home. This series is always one of my favorites and here in book 10 it keeps getting bigger and better. 
There is a mystery afoot and everyone is in a uproar about a potential murder at the cathedral where the nuptials are gonna take place and it kicks off a intense ride for Lacey and Co. In addition to all of the wedding upheaval we get an adorable look at how Lacey and Anthony are at home and tacking some of those big couple questions *wink wink* 
After some helpful wedding night info sharing from Nora (one of my favorite moments in the book) the story hits a fever pitch with the lead up to the event and the race to figure out who is trying to derail Lacey’a big day. It all comes together in a book ending that only happens in a Lacey Luzzi novel and leaves you quite eagerly anticipating the next book the minute you finish the last page. 
I have loved being a part of this story and growing along with Lacey and seeing how far she has came since her first awkward investigations where she was sure Anthony was trying to harm her and to where she didn’t quite know better when to avoid Nora’s cooking or that Clay is really just a big softie with a penchant for mishaps. It’s a amazing journey we’ve taken with Lacey and I cannot wait for the next step in her life. 


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