Review:The Power Of The Babbling Brook By: Marie Fostino

Review:The Power Of The Babbling Brook By: Marie Fostino
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I have loved historical stories since I was a kid. Could have been because that was my momma’ favorite type to read ( You know those historical romance novels from the 80s and 90s) all us millennial era bookworms know the ones chances are they were our first introduction to the genre ( I know I was sneaking them since I was about 11) then in 2003 while I was a Junior in high school I discovered Diana Garbaldon’s Outlander and boy, to find a book that combined a fantasy element along with a historical romance? That is the kind of book love that happens when 2 of your absolute favorite genres get together and the result is stunning. So when I first read the premise for this story I was like this could be pure instabook love for me! I was not wrong. 
Now, if you follow my reviews you know that I adore a author who is daring enough to write in detail. You know the ones who will paint so vivid a story down to the smallest detail you feel like you are right there along with the characters. It makes for a visceral reading experience and is one I constantly look for. Marie definitely gives us that in this story, and you know she backs it up with impeccable attention to detail and research into the time period. 
I remember discussing Ponce de Leon during a Colonial Latin America history class I took in college and I always found the story fascinating so that struck a chord with me from when I began the story. Ponce is this man on a mission haha to say the least but he is very charismatic and you are rooting for his success right from the beginning. Marlena is an adorable heroine and everything you look for, she’s smart, savvy a little on the tough side which just means she is DEFINITELY gonna throw Ponce’s life into a beautiful mess. Their first scene where he thinks she is Merlin made me gigglesnort more than once. He was completely oblivious which is what made it golden haha. 
I love the quick pacing of the story, everything flows pretty seamlessly on this adventure that blurs the line between fantasy and history in fantastic fashion. This was my first read by Marie and I would encourage any of my friends to pickup this fun read! Especially if you are looking for a historical romance with a smidge of fantasy with a lot of heart. 


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