Review: The Brightest Star By: B. Cranford 

Review: The Brightest Star By: B. Cranford 
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I kept seeing the cover of this book all over Facebook and fell in love with it first but then I read the blurb and then my book love meter went through the roof! Like a bodybuilder hitting a strength tester at the fair. I adore second chance romance stories and so I added a reminder to my phone to pick this up on release day. 
This is a story of a epic love story that hit a speed bump due to a lot of factors but gambling addiction was a main one. Dealing with the subject of addiction is a brave choice for a debut novel! I liked that B made a choice to not play it safe with this story. Brighton and Sebastian are this witty, enigmatic sexy couple and we get to explore the how’s and why’s of why their relationship ended and why neither one of them could move on after the split. 
The majority of this story is told through messages which I always think is an under used method of story telling and it worked really well in this story. The rest of the story integrates with the messages so it’s a seamless transition and not choppy like some stories that feature a lot of texts or emails end up. 
This is one of the most honest stories and I really enjoyed that we really got to see them work out their issues. Not just together but on their own as well. There are so many emotions that run through this story and they are all laid out there. So you see indecision, and doubt and all of the nitty gritty. Don’t get me wrong I love a instalove kind of resolution only takes a couple of paragraphs after a singular magic moment. But this one was so life like and real world that it was easy to get swept into the story. 


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