Review: Snow Kisses By: Elaine Marie 

Review: Snow Kisses By: Elaine Marie 
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This sweet wintery office romance was the perfect read (it’s over 100 degrees in my neck of the woods so I was looking for a winter read haha) and this one was exactly what I was looking for! 
Whynter is starting a new job and while striving to get ahead in the company she realizes she is fighting a major love jones for the boss Dominic. He has a strict no fraternizing with his employees policy but as any lover of romance novels knows the more they protest and use cop outs to deny the attraction the hotter the romance. 
Their chemistry is shown off really well with the flirty banter and it’s witty and sharp so major kudos on that point to Elaine! Sometimes the dialogue between the hero and heroine leaves a bit to be desired but that is definitely not the case with this one. 
Dominic and Whynter are adorable together and their road to romance wasn’t a easy road but it was a completely enjoyable real life read! I would definitely read more about them. . . (Please? Hint, hint 😉 . . . Bookworm Morse code for please more D&W ) 


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