Review: Reception By: Stylo Fantome 

Review: Reception By: Stylo Fantome 
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3 years ago I made my first foray into dark romance with a book called Degradation. . . And boy what an intro to dark romance it was! Off the charts on so many levels, so while I was cruising around on Facebook I discovered that this book was released (quite sneakily I might add! I’m looking at you on this one Stylo!) and this is the book that fans of this series have been clamoring for! 
More scorching Jameson and Tate. . . If you thought marriage was gonna slow them down think again! The banter is even better, Sanders is also back for this book and I always love seeing what he is up to (Besides someone has to be the voice of reason for the Kanes) this story also includes a snippet of a story just about Sanders and as described in the author note it is the only chapters she felt were good enough for our favorite character (and I admit it shocked me a little but I am oh so happy it went that way!) all in all I loved this return to one of my favorite series and I always eagerly enjoy Stylo’s novels (just goes to show you never forget your first am I right 😉 . . . ) 


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