Review: Sweetbriar Cottage By: Denise Hunter

Review: Sweetbriar Cottage By: Denise Hunter
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What would you do if you discovered your divorce wasn’t final? (I know my answer to this one!) but in this story we explore every aspect when a couple who was supposed to be divorced suddenly discovers it’s not been finalized. 
This isn’t your typical second chance romance, Denise really explores Josephine and Noah’s relationship told through flashbacks and present day. It’s an unflinching look and really delves into all the emotions and picking through what went wrong in their relationship and how they got to that point. 
The snow storm seems to be sent directly from God to get these two hurt, stubborn hearts to really explore certain aspects of their relationship. I really enjoyed the fact that they were forced to spend time together and talk about things they might have never discussed the entire time. 
It’s a look inside a relationship and a hopeful tone to the store really makes this an enjoyable read, things aren’t sugar coated and that makes this a very real glimpse into a marriage. This is just one of the strengths of Denise’s writing style and it’s shown in brilliant fashion here. 


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