Review: Falling For The Dare By: Elaine Marie 

Review: Falling For The Dare By: Elaine Marie 
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I love all of these Kindle Worlds novels and I was so stoked to learn that Elaine was going to be taking part in this series. In Falling For the Dare we get the story of the very intense Danica (who is a undercover officer specializing in protecting her clients. . . ) and international movie star Hunter Marshall (not Danica’s ideal first assisgnment!) but the sparks fly right from the start. 
Danica is a tough cookie that’s for sure! But I love that about her character, she’s my type off female character, she’s a strong personality that isn’t afraid to speak her own mind. And Hunter is an equally strong character and that clash between the two makes for an interesting push and pull to their interactions. He wants to take a break and escape the Hollywood lifestyle but some threatening messages are keeping him from enjoying his success. Which leads to his manager to hire Danica. 
Needless to say he feels it’s unnecessary but as the sexy chemistry ratchets up so does the danger which leads to a perfect blend of hot spicy chemistry and some pulse pounding, page flipping romantic suspense. This is one of my favorites of the Kindle Worlds Series and of Elaine’s works as well. It was exactly what I was looking for to perk up my summer reading list.


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