Review: The Difference Between Us By: Rachel Higgenson

Review: The Difference Between Us By: Rachel Higgenson
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I have been a fan of Rachel’s contemporary romances for so long now and a few months ago when I read The Opposite Of You I was just like “wow! We’ve begun a new era of Rachel’s work!” Now that’s not to say her earlier stories were anything less than enthralling but with the first book in this series and now with this one is everything today’s contemporary romance fans have been clamoring for. . . Today’s readers are wanting a more real life type of romance for lack of a better term haha. We want a romance that the story could fall into anyone of our lives and it’s not perfect but the beauty of these kinds of stories is there are bumps in the road for the characters, their road to romance is neither simple or everything falling into place all at once. The struggle is real y’all! 
We open the story with Molly, a graphic designer dealing with all the workplace shenanigans all of us have dealt with. . . Her internal monologues are so hilarious that many times I wanted to high five her and say “Amen, Sister!” Now, Ezra is as singularly focused as Molly yet he’s pretty intense, as a successful restaurant owner he is chock full of serious, straight laced responsibility. And well we all know what they say about all work and no play. . . Molly’s main goal in life is to shake things up for Ezra,despite the attraction she feels for him she is at turns annoyed but giddy butterflies in the stomach about him. Opposites do attract in this story. And I was so happy to see Ezra finally loosen up!! These two are pure magic together. The story kinda reminds me of my all time favorite chick flick “Simply Irresistible ” if you haven’t seen that one check it out! So of course I knew this book was gonna be one of my absolute favorites of Rachel’s 


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