Review: All of You, All of Me By: Claudia Burgoa

Review: All of You, All of Me By: Claudia Burgoa

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This story is the most emotionally charged and I'm positive that it is the best of Claudia's career so far. With this story and characters it challenges the norm for romance novels. But it is one of the most true life romance stories I have ever read. Few authors are brave enough to just take a story with characters who suffer from various mental disorders and show all of the ins and outs of how those relationships progress. It is not always sunshine and roses it might be difficult at times but that connection with another person might make all the difference. By no means is she telling us that falling in love is a magic cure! Thank goodness haha because it wouldn't be the truth.

Hunter and Willow are the most intriguing characters. We fall immediately into their story and it does hop back and forth time wise in the early parts of the book but that gives it a cinematic feel to it which I really enjoyed. They are magic together and their chemistry flows so well. Even during the tough parts of their relationship.

This quote from one of the chapter headers really made me stop and think The greatest act of rebellion these days is being a gentleman. ~ Anonymous and it's perfect for a feeling I have felt about romance novels for a while now. I love books that feature a real life guy who's not perfect, who doesn't proclaim to be anything other than just a red blooded typical dude haha he makes mistakes but he loves with everything he has. Does not have to be a bajillionaire with a red room. Just a sweet guy with a little bit of a wild side. Those are books I want to read. And Hunter is definitely one of those heroes who stick with you. (He's got my vote above and beyond all of the other heroes in Claudia's novels!) he's perfectly imperfect and that to me is a huge plus!

All in all I know this is going to be a book that people will want to talk about! Not just for the characters or writing skill but because hopefully for the stigmas it erases for mental illness. Hopefully it can spark a conversation like hey, I have this illness but it doesn't comprise everything I am now or in the future. And that I am worthy and able to love and be loved. And that ladies (and if any gentlemen read this review haha) is a powerful statement!


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