Review: Palm South University: Season 3 By: Kandi Steiner

Review: Palm South University: Season 3 By: Kandi Steiner

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Buckle up binge read lovers! No long hot summer is complete without spending time with the PSU crew! All your favorites are back in a brand new season! And a change this year is we get ALL the episodes all at once! No more waiting week to week and shaking your fist going I need more!!! And messaging Kandi begging for the next episode early and offering bribes (hey, we've all been there am I right?) so let's dig in!


This episode picks up right where season 2 left off sooo if you haven't read season 2 yet, go back and don't read any farther! (Go on, I'll wait. . .)

Okay, good! Still with me? So Jess (in typical Jess fashion haha) has a bright idea for a Friendsgiving. Sounds good right? Except it kinda fell apart and as we have seen in past seasons Jess doesn't go for the most well laid plans going wrong. But some of our favorite characters did make it and we get our first Bear sighting of the season (whoo hoo!) but things are tense. The aftermath of last season is still rippling through and it has affected EVERYONE!

We go back and see how we got to this epic swing and a miss Friendsgiving. Rewind 3 months to the beginning of the school year. . . Things are at a fever pitch with Rush prep and all the ladies are a little on edge. Erin is driving everyone to recruit the best of the best and burying herself in the work.

Biggest shocker of this episode is one that I didn't quite see coming (and I'm not telling what it is! But trust me when I say it's a good one!) this episode gives us a few hints on what's to come this season but nothing can prepare us for the thrill ride that is season 3. It's hotter with more secrets, more at stake and all the shenanigans we've come to love at our favorite University.


This episode opens up as Ashlei is about to make this internship her worshipful minion! No body is better equipped and in need of a change than our girl Lei, and I am loving her lady boss take charge attitude

Ashlei is the character that we have seen the most growth with throughout the entire 3 seasons and nowhere is that more important than here in episode 3. The elevator scene here at the beginning of the episode is one of my favorite moments of the entire season haha. Literally, this situation could only have happened to her!

Now the Adam, Cassie and Grayson situation isn't getting any less complicated! As a matter of fact it's getting harder to deny all the feels running around all over the place! I don't envy them a bit for that little smidge of drama but the tension it adds to the season keeps you reading just to find out how it's all gonna shake out.

Erin is still the one I'm most concerned about. You can easily see she is trying so hard to keep it all together after her attack and even though Bear and others are trying to get through to her she is still trying to keep the walls up but as I do know the more you try to keep them up after something like that the worse the break is gonna be when it happens.


This episode opens with my favorite gateway character haha Black Number Four was my first Kandi Steiner read and Skyler is still one of my top ten favorite heroines I have ever read. She is the perfect mix of fearless and questioning everything and trying to make her way in the world that pretty much exemplifies being a woman in this day and age. I LOVE her character. And this quote is the perfect example. "Sure, I like to flirt with boys and party with my sisters, but unfortunately, there’s neither a career path for those kinds of hobbies nor is there anything such as a Professional Paddleboarder or Dynamite Donut Eater that I’m aware of." She's trying to figure out what she wants out of life and is just going for it and blazing her own trail. (Can I just say we make the Dynamite Donut Eater profession a thing?)

Now the moment that PSU fans have at least thought about ALMOST happens in this episode and it ended about like I thought it would haha but I was whooping and hollering and okay there may have been some get it girl! Before more rational thought came in. . .

But episode three isn't done with the jaw dropping moments yet! This episode is so jam packed that I had to read it twice before I could move on to episode four.


Ohhh, Bear! Episode four starts out with our favorite frat boy in a bit of a dilemma and it's only natural he's a little thrown and hurting still from the Shawna debacle. And when the past rears its violet hued hair it's gonna be a game changer.

Adam and Cassie have an adorable moment and while I really liked her with Grayson before this season I'm not really a fan. So I'm all for Adam and Cassie to get together or just have her be a strong single girl and take on the world . Either or haha. And Ashlei 's internship is umm getting intense (and hot! Don't forget that part 😉 you can cut the tension with a knife it's so intense!) but she is also excelling at learning the job and leading the intern pack. I'm so proud of her journey!

So the secret that Baby Bear and Sky cooked up in the last episode comes to light and just when you thought nothing could shake Bear and Skyler's epic friendship this rocks it. Now while I see his point on the whole thing his immediate reaction wasn't good. (Ya hear that Bear I don't approve!) and that blow up leads Skyler right into a situation that may test the bonds of sisterhood.

Episode four contains all of the sun soaked, bubba keg fun we have come to expect from the PSU crew and the shockwaves from this episode will be felt all the way to the season finale I'm sure.


This season is counting down to the season finale and in this episode we are getting more and more glimpses as to how the situation came about in episode one. Ashlei is about to take off to the conference with her boss and that tension is off the charts. The girls all get together for a little quality time together before the holidays and this just further reminds us why their relationships are so strong. I love when we get to see them all together!

Cassie and Grayson are still in a tough patch of their relationship and I swear the green eyed monster has taken over Grayson. Making Cassie feel like she has to choose, never a easy spot to be in. The relationship drama doesn't end there though. My heart was breaking for Jess! Ohh my word!

Friendsgiving is one event you don't want to miss this season! And it seems like everything is up in the air and nothing is for certain. And we finally find out Erin's revenge on Landon. He deserves that and so much more after he attacked her.


Here it is the FINALE!! Ahh!!! over the course of this season we have seen relationships tested, friendships tested and personal/work lives changed. And it all comes down to this.

Ashlei is finishing up her internship and tying up loose ends there or did she? 😉 there's hope for a new relationship in her life and I hope we get to see that develop next season!

Skylar is still trying to find her way and signing up for classes I think we get a big hint on what is going to finally mesh for her and I am gonna love seeing where that goes. But also finally a reconciliation is happening! Good grief! It took long enough haha it feels like the whole world is off when those two are fighting. It's one of the natural laws or something. But the apology was so adorbs that I almost got a little teary.

The time for the showdown between Jess and Jarrett has also come and it was such a pivotal moment for her I think this season. It broke me a little haha not gonna lie it's an intense few pages guys!

Semi Formal or just a Formal in general with the Greeks is always a time for confessions and game changers and this year's event is no different. I loved how vulnerable Erin was in the garden with Bear. I think she's needed this moment for a while now and I gotta say I've missed her this season. We haven't seen her quite as much as usual. Cassie is having a hard time dealing with the aftermath of her choice and I knew she would! But she feels like something is off and boy what she overheard in the garden really sealed the fate for her and Grayson (that garden is seeing a lot of action am I right?!)

Ashlei comes to a realization and just when we think she has gotten exactly what she has been wanting in her romantic life she faces a choice that could make or break her but we all know our girl will persevere.

And Adam and Cassie! Be still my heart! Gah I love those two. Next season may throw them some more curveballs but they are in it to win it.

As everyone leaves for winter break it's with a lot of self growth and empowerment and that is what I always love about each season of PSU. It's a passionate life that I'm glad I get to experience with these characters!

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