Review: Crossing The Barrier (The Grey Eyes Series#1) By: Martine Lewis

Review: Crossing The Barrier (The Grey Eyes Series#1) By: Martine Lewis

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So i'm a sucker for a good YA/NA kind of story. And just when you think you have read possibly every combination of the geeky smart girl crushing on the popular athletic guy you find a book that makes you fall in love with the genre all over again! This book was exactly what I was looking for. It starts simply enough, but then the intrigue builds!

Malakai and Lilly are such a intriguing pair. The spark that occurs whenever they are together clues you in that this couple is gonna be something special. Lilly has this ability and it takes us a little bit to see the full scope of it and how it affects not only her but others around her.

Now not so surprising is the backlash from Malakai shaking up the social order in their school and being interested in Lilly and I loved how he is very boy next door and a genuinely decent person and he doesn't care what the in crowd thinks. But we all know how kids can be and as soon as Malakai and Lilly officially begin dating things take a violent turn with the popular kids and it shatters the adorable vibe that was going on. But thankfully we get back to the good stuff and find out there is more to the story than we first initially thought.

I loved the characters and the pacing it was an intriguing story that combined many of my favorite elements to make a whole new binge worthy read. I'd rate it 4 and 1/2 stars the only thing stopping it from being a 5 star read is once in a while one of the characters will come out with a slang term like bloody hell or something and it takes me out of the moment a little as the setting of this story is Texas not like London or Canada or something of the like. It didn't feel natural to the character. Other than that it is a excellent beginning to the series and I will definitely be checking out the next novel in the series.

One thought on “Review: Crossing The Barrier (The Grey Eyes Series#1) By: Martine Lewis

  1. Hi there! Thank you so much for the review! It’s awesome.
    As for the Bloody Hell, did you catch that Malakai grew up in England? He moved to the US when his mother disappeared. That’s why he uses British expressions 🙂 It reminds him of his mother and where he came from… Besides, he still has somewhat of an accent too.
    Thank you again!


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