Review: Walking The Divide (Gray Eyes #3) By: Martine Lewis

Review: Walking The Divide (Gray Eyes #3) By: Martine Lewis

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So after the explosive book 2 we have learned more about those with the empath powers and learned a smidge more about those looking for them. So we begin Book 3 in this enticing series with Elyssa and Zander. She's a wealthy socialite (think the cast of Gossip Girl) tired of the pomp and circumstance that goes with that world and Zander is a streetwise guy who has survived the broken foster care system. (This Book became surprisingly socially conscious!) the scene also changed from Texas to the bustling metropolis of New York City. Which really is a character all on its own. Martine does a fantastic job really giving us the feel of the city.

Elyssa is not your typical entitled rich girl and I am so glad she is this strong character! She does kind of go with the crowd sometimes but for the most part she takes the path less taken by those born to privilege. The scenes where she is working in the youth center and interacting with those kids really made her a stand out character. Zander is also a very interesting character! Even though you can tell from the glimpses we see of his past he has had a extremely rough life after being left on the steps of a church when he was young he has this drive to succeed and his artistic talent brings so much beauty into the world to drive out the gloomy feel of his life.

As their relationship blossoms Zander discovers more and more about who and what he is and that leads to a major Reveal that leaves the reader reeling and wondering how they didn't notice before haha. This series has really grown in depth since book one and that leaves me eagerly anticipating each new book left in the series.

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