Review: Fallen Heir (Royals #4) By: Erin Watt

Review: Fallen Heir By: Erin Watt

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Once upon a time I discovered a little series known as the Royals. . . These brothers who are larger than life and one epic love story.. . We always knew though that there was one heck of a backstory that us rabid fans were clamoring for. This is that story! It's a rare event that a book is everything you hope it would be and then some and with Fallen Heir Erin Watt went above and beyond our bookworm wildest dreams! (And we bookworms have huge expectations. .. I blame a healthy imagination set free to imagine all the what if situations haha but I digress)

There is a reason that this series is one of my no brainer must purchase in print! (I mean I have a copy of Paper Princess that has more sticky notes stuck everywhere in it where it is closely resembling a porcupine) Its spot on with the pulse of today's new adults. . . Quotable. . . And entrancing in all the best ways. Ready for Easton's story? Let's dig in!

For me Easton was always the enigma. . . The one we wondered how did he get to be the way he is and what was his thought process. He is a little bit more intense and guarded than some of the other Royals but the one we were dying to know about. We thought we had a pretty good handle on his persona. . . But we dig a lot deeper here! There is so much more than meets the eye.

Now as always in this series the banter is lightning quick! Off the charts witty and I know I will be filing the phrase Oral Kraken away for use at a later date. Hartley is quite the sparring partner wit wise for Easton and that really drives the plot. But there are secrets abound with Hartley's past and the question becomes can Easton unravel them all to discover the strong woman who is as hard to pin down as smoke. . . But not only that can he find a happy medium with himself. This book is probably my favorite of the series tied with Paper Princess. It has everything we have come to expect from the Royals and more.

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