Review: Slow Burn (Playing With Fire #1) By: Annie Reynolds.

Review: Slow Burn (Playing With Fire #1) By: Annie Reynolds.

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I was so excited to get my hands on this book! I have been a ginormous fan of Annie's books since I first came across an ad for one of her books on Facebook and I always eagerly anticipate the next book. So, my countdown app was fired up and I was set for my own little piece of heaven . . . A new book by a favorite author.

In Slow Burn, we meet Skylar and Cooper. Both are such strong characters both left reeling from events in their pasts and they meet up during a bachelorette party, it's kismet when they hit it off right at first, Cooper is the best hero I have read in quite a while. I'm about to go off on a tangent here but when did the normal guy become not enough in romance novels? To me, there should be more of a focus on characters like Cooper. He is a stand up man, a public servant. . . A superhero contained in turnout gear. These are the types of men who deserve to be immortalized in the pages of books. I want stories with characters like the man I fell in love with . . . Funny,smart, still tries to pinch my backside when I walk by but then opens my door for me. That is what is gonna bring sexy back. . . Not whichever current trope trend is on top of the bestsellers list. And Annie always gives us these characters that really challenges the current tread and she is fearless about putting them out there.

Skylar is this Phoenix we see rebuilding her life after leaving an abusive relationship and I felt for her so much, she is such a sweetheart! She is reluctant to start any kind of relationship again and that is sadly normal for people escaping from a abusive relationship. Annie portrays Skylar from a truthful standpoint and really delves into the turmoil of putting yourself back out there again and all of the ins and outs that goes on in your head.

The whole story is just so well done that it wraps you up heart and soul! I think this book is the one that really highlights Annie's writing style and character development strengths in storytelling. It's one I know I will be rereading again and again.

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