Review: Keeper By: Amy Daws

Review: Keeper By: Amy Daws

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So it's no secret that I love Sports Romance stories! I've probably read more than my fair share. . . I even have a draft plan for most sports with characters from different books (obsess much? I'm totally guilty!) but when it comes to soccer stars I admit my team was woefully unbalanced without the characters from Amy Daws's Harris Brothers Series. And here we are! Book 3 of this immensely popular series and it's one heck of a ride.

Booker is probably my favorite out of all of the Harris' and right from the get go we see his take charge attitude displayed in the emails he exchanges with Poppy (BTW love her name!) is his best friend recently moved back to town and although she tries to be a modern stand on her own two feet kind of woman. . .well Booker kind of puts the kibosh on that and invites her to stay with him. . . (No big deal right?) that's when things really start getting interesting. Add in a friends to lovers sub trope and its got my bookworm heart like SCWINNG!!!!!

I love Booker and Poppy together! Ohh we go through the typical will they or won't they kind of thing but it is just a little road bump! Because anyone who is worth their Goodreads reading challenge knows pure romance magic when they see it and this couple is it! The world needs more feel good romances with a British theme (Just my honest opinion here!) This series is on my top ten favorite sports romance series of all time and just keeps getting better and better.

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