Review: Carnage (Book 1 – The Story Of Us) By: Lesley Jones

Review: Carnage (Book 1 – The Story Of Us) By: Lesley Jones

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So I have been hearing about this book for so long! I remember grabbing it while it was free one time but it got buried in my TBR list and I hadn't had the chance to get back to it and let me tell you I am kicking myself for not reading it sooner! I finished this book in just over 12 hours (and I was sleeping for part of that!) I could not put it down!

Normally rockstar kind of stories don't appeal to me. . . I can think of only one other author who I will read a story that has a band in it that i do really love and that's the Bleeding Hearts Series By A.L Jackson. But if you think this story is all about a rock band think again! Georgia and Sean's story completely obliterated my emotions. It was angsty, emotional, and one that readers will remember for quite some time. You really dig into the family dynamic with this one and all of the little things that go on behind the scenes. But wait! Let's throw another trope in there too! (So by my count we have a rockstar sub-trope, friends to lovers sub-trope and a gangster sub-trope) most books can only handle one trope haha but Lesley brilliantly blends all of these tropes together in a stunning story.

Georgia is one fascinating character, she has so many different layers and is so vivacious that she leaps off of the page and beckons you in to experience all the ups and downs in her life. You can't help but become wrapped up in the story. Sean and Georgia's love is a tangible thing definitely!

The ending left me breathless and clutching my wineglass with tears leaking down. . . Let me just clarify. . . I can count the books on one hand that have made me blubber and this one is currently number two on the list. (The number one book had a dog that passed away in it of the same breed as we currently have 2 of so that totally explains that one)

So of course once I knew there was another book in the series I had to one click it. . . There was no question that I had to have it. . . Despite having 1,500 other books on my Kindle, buying 20 books from Book Outlet. . . Another 10 off of eBay (I don't have a book buying problem at all right?) I plunked down my $2.99 for the next book in the series so quickly I almost sprained my one click finger. (Sounds kinda dirty 😉 Georgia would approve I think!) I'm committed and now have a new author to add to my all time favorites list! This was my first read by Lesley and she completely ruined me for other authors who may try and combine all the threads of the story like she created. It's a truly masterful, powerful read. If you haven't gotten the chance to start it yet bump it up your TBR list now!

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