Review: Pieces Of Me (Foundation Series #1) By: Kira Adams

Review: Pieces Of Me (Foundation Series #1) By: Kira Adams

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I really enjoyed this read! I felt so much empathy for Peyton. . . It's hard to believe that kids are that cruel (I don't remember anyone really being bullied like that in my high school, but I know it happens!) some of her scenes were really difficult to read. . . Almost too painfully truthful with not only experiences in school but her own self image issues as well.

Then we have the twins Jax and Jace . . . Talk about night and day personalities despite looking identical they definitely have very different approaches to life. Jax kind of gave me an odd vibe for a while . . . And later I discover for good reason! And it took me a while to warm up to his character. Jace is different he is your typical boy next door and so it was interesting to watch the progression with him and Peyton.

Toward the middle of the book we really begin to see Peyton grow in confidence and really begin to blossom into a more multi layered personality. We see that she is capable of way more than when we initially meet her at the beginning of the book and as she gains confidence we see her become fearless revealing more sides of her personality.

The Last 1/4 of the book really took some shocking twists and turns that I didn't quite expect from a YA kind of read and that made it really stand out! I love that Kira can make each genre her own and writes in all sorts of them. Definitely an author to watch. I can't wait to reread the second book in the series.

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