Review: The Fighter (Foundation Series #2) By: Kira Adams

Review: The Fighter (Foundation Series #2) By: Kira Adams

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So after reading book one and exploring all of the usual teenage experiences in that one we begin Book two with Peyton and Jace beginning their senior year. What should be the most exciting time in a young adult's life is still strife with turmoil for our favorite characters.

Jace's father is still on his downward spiral and those scenes are pretty tough to read, it's a hard spot to be in not only for Jace but also Payton because she has experienced first hand how his father beats him. It's a test of their relationship which is still in that new and exciting stage. First love is always one of my favorite tropes to read about in YA novels and this couple is portrayed really truthful. They have their little dust ups but everyone does!

Now while Peyton has came so far from the girl we initially met at the beginning of Pieces of Me she is still having some self doubt issues, and that leads to a few issues over the course of the story. She is still a beautiful character but having a difficult time believing it. I think most women can relate to that haha. Once a remark sinks in no matter how strong and confident you are it can fester and let's doubt sink in.

Now let's discuss the Gia and Jace tension! Holy guacamole! So we meet Gia when her mom and Jace's dad begin dating and their chemistry is off the charts. I know it's going to cause problems. . . Annnnd it does! I was so conflicted haha I wanted Peyton and Jace together but I also liked how he was with Gia and I wanted to know more about her. So I flipped flopped between the two (felt like I was back in high school again!)

This book also took some unexpected twists and turns and life really threw some curveballs at Peyton and Jace. Some terrifying, life changing moments, but with the bad there has to be balance and there were some amazing opportunities also. It's been a wild ride during this story but as our characters leave high school behind the next step is going to take us to new heights.

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