Review: Wild For You By: J.C. Reed

Review: Wild For You By: J.C Reed

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So when I knew this story was about a bull rider I knew I had to get my hands on it (my fiancé and I religiously watch all of the Professional Bull Riding events every weekend during the season) So I dug in to a romance novel involving my favorite sport.

This was my first read by J.C so I wasn't quite sure what to expect writing style/ character development wise. But I have to say I throughly enjoy her style! It's concise without a whole lot of unnecessary frills that can sometimes drag a story down, Cash's story just flows.

There is such witty banter between Cash and Erin, and while he is sort of crass and will say just about anything to get her to leave him alone she meets him barb for barb. Erin definitely has a fiery personality haha and experiencing her making Cash squirm is highly entertaining and gigglesnort inspiring.

I thought this was an adorable witty romance with a fantastic setting that I could easily see more stories taking place in, a huge vibrant cast of characters and a storyline that is by turns heartwarming and hilarious. Definitely a must read Pick.

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