Review: Birthquake By: B.L Berry

Review: Birthquake By: B.L Berry

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I remember the first time down to the millisecond that I picked up my first B.L read. Love, Nouveau was the beginning of my journey with one of my favorite authors with every book she writes she challenges my perception of romance and all of its different sub tropes (I mean she even got me to read, and enjoy a story that deals with infidelity no author can manage that but her haha) with Birthquake we get a new level of her talent. Romantic Comedies seem to be the new hot trend for Indies and this is one sub trope I can totally get behind! But just wait 😉 B.L flips the genre on its head and puts her own trademark spin on it.

It's by turns hilarious and heartwarming, borderline Steve Stiffler for the witty one liners.
(Who wasn't a fan of the Stiffmeister's quotable remarks?) Jeff is probably the best hero I've read this year in any genre! His bumbling through the first scene in the plane was entirely endearing and you just can't help but wonder what is going to come out of his mouth next (so sue me, I liked the gobsmacked way he reacted to his seatmate) Henley is a perfect example of today's woman, yes ladies and gentlemen we tend to cuss and say inappropriate things just as much as the guys do. . . It's time to eliminate that stigma that just because we are women we have to act prim and proper all the time!

So after that first meeting we really get into their love story haha and all of the expect the unexpected. Each moment is by turns hilarious and extremely truthful and heartfelt. Seriously, you will experience everything you were too afraid to admit to thinking out loud and here it is in a spectacular story haha. I think a copy of this book should come with every at home pregnancy test! Like "Here you go Hon, you might need this." Forget What To Expect While You Are Expecting all I need is B.L. Berry! I know I'll be buying not only a signed copy for my personal collection but it's gonna be a baby shower gift for sure (you're welcome public!)

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