Review: Her People By: Steve Maloy

Review: Her People By: Steve Maloy

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This story takes off right from the start in this intriguing dystopian novel, we are plunked down into the story where mankind is facing a threat unlike any it has ever seen, and like most dystopian stories we see that science and technology has brought about a massive shift in humanity. This secret shadow agency has developed these "implants"

We meet up with Alyssa 15 years after that event and the world has become a survival of the fittest type of society, I really enjoyed the playground rules reasoning that we see in the first chapter and it makes you stop and draw parallels to the state of society today haha. But as far as heroines are Alyssa is a tough (but fair!) cookie! She is a strongly written female character (I mean she is leading a group of fighters at only 16! Commanding their respect and earning it in spades)

The deceptions and secrets that are all interwoven through this story make for a rather intriguing read, we find out quite a few things that change our perception of past events and we begin to learn more about the Implants and how they can help increase and develop powers that may be latent. Gives this story a good X-Men/Hunger Games mix that made it really stand out in this genre.

There are a few editing issues, typos and extra words sometimes but it doesn't change the fact that the story is enthralling, entertaining and one that I found I really enjoyed! I'm not a huge reader of Dystopian types of novels but when I find one I do enjoy I'm all in. I think the presence of a strong female character and how you get only bits and pieces of how everything interconnects at a time keeps the reader engaged in the story and wanting to know what happens next.

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