Review: When They All Fall Down By: M.E. Gone

Review: When They All Fall Down By: M.E. Gone

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So I had kept seeing this cover on Facebook and since it was from a debut author I patiently began stalking their social media sites until I found out the blurb and all of the pertinent details (what can I say? I am a dedicated book worm when a cover gives me grabby hands!) I found out it fell into the romantic suspense kind of genre – Check! It has a Mafia connection – Check! I love me some mob kind of reads, and then add in it was an author I hadn't read before I felt that tingle. . . Where a book hits all your check marks and you being patiently awaiting it to hit your Kindle. . . Ladies and Gentlemen today is that day!

Autumn's entire life is definitely book worthy but when we pick up the story it's a idyllic life. . . Things are not perfect but she's a beautiful, strong woman, in a committed relationship with her boyfriend whom she has been with for quite a few years, they own a cute house together and she owns her own successful business. . . Oh yeah, and she has a delish personal trainer! Perfect life right? Ohhh just wait! Here's where everything begins to crumble. . . Matt is Autumn's personal trainer. . . But he's not telling her everything. . . You see Matt has a whole other life. . . As a F.B.I agent, who's been tasked with keeping Autumn under surveillance to help a current investigation into Organized Crime.

Just when Autumn's world begins to fall down, new betrayals, old secrets and some of her past rearing its ugly head she doesn't know where to go or who to trust! Naturally! I mean I couldn't even imagine. . . I'd become a hermit haha but Autumn squares her shoulders and like any strong female character does, she puts one foot forward and stares down the challenge and danger the "Family" brings to her doorstep. There were so many jaw dropping twists and turns in this one where you have to go back and double check that this is indeed M.E's first novel because she writes with such precision like a seasoned pro!

With most debut authors there are some plot holes or characters that are only two dimensional but here we get these vibrant, complicated characters (not complicated in a bad way! They have so many facets to their personalities that you have to savor the read to be able to appreciate them all)

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