Review: Still By: Kennedy Ryan

Review: Still (Grip #2) By: Kennedy Ryan

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So, not too long ago there was a book published that included characters from a previous series. . . Characters we dearly loved then and wanted to know more about, So we got 2 parts of their love story. Here is the concluding chapter. Grip and Bristol's story was the thought provoking, socially conscious saga of these two people who come from not only different sides of the economic spectrum but also from different races. I wish that this did not have to be an issue, I wish that people could move beyond labels, places, things and colors. I wish that all of humanity's motto is "Love is Love." And reject the judgement and stigma when one of those relationships do not fall in a tidy box of popular opinion. How much more could we as a people accomplish if we stop wasting so much time and energy on hate? Every single love story is beautiful, the great ones embrace the hard times because you know that better things are to come and the hard times teach us something, what makes life beautiful and worthwhile are the moments. . . Here are Bristol and Grip's moments.

Where Flow was the sweet beginning and Grip personified the push and pull and the reset of a relationship with Still we get the emotional connection between two lovers, the blending of two big personalities like Bristol and Grip is never easy but even when they are arguing there is this invisible thread that keeps them right in sync with each other. They've had to learn to keep a united front with the world trying to tear them apart and the stakes are even more intense in this chapter of their lives. Kennedy really delves into the sensitive subject of racism on so many levels. And while she doesn't sugar coat it she also isn't afraid to shed light on the issues that are facing people today. Everything is such a mess of bigotry and hate these days to where you have to find the truth out there and educate yourselves. The news isn't going to tell us the whole story, the politicians and leaders of the community are not going to tell us more than a convenient sound bite. The voice of the people are the only way to know the whole story, first person reports and Grip and Bristol give us the report from the trenches. The good, the bad and the beautiful mess that transpires during these pages will sear your soul and set you free.

Bristol herself sums up exactly how I felt finishing this beautiful story. "I don’t even have language for how happy I am. It’s contentment sheathed in passion, twisted around the deepest, most honest connection I’ve ever known." These two characters connect with you, the reader on so many levels. You cannot read about their love and not be affected in at least 10 different levels!

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