Review Tour! All Of The Rogers By: Erin Lockwood

Review: All of The Rogers By: Erin Lockwood

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I come from the era when I was a teenager that dance movies were all the rage! (Save The Last Dance, Center Stage, Honey, Step Up. . .) you name it I've seen it! This love of dance gradually transitioned into dance team in high school, Theatre Arts and Dance in college and the love is still there! So when i read the blurb for this book I knew it was one I would love before I had even began the first page. It's an incredible thing to feel like you are going to be enthralled by a novel before you even turn the page. . . To feel like the story within the pages can and will change you forever. That the story within the pages can become a small piece of your story (that you can think back years from now and remember exactly what you were wearing and what was going on while you were reading it) this was my whole experience reading All of The Rogers!

I loved Kerri's character! She was the best of the best but what do you do when your heart and soul isn't in your craft anymore? Especially when everyone is pushing you into it? Luckily I never had to experience that part but I did go through the having to change what you love due to health reasons. That new beginning stage can be equal parts thrilling and scary as all get out haha.

Watching her experience your typical high school things are kind of adorable! And Roger is a HUGE part of this. . . He's a little standoffish at first but we learn that he is dealing with a lot of problems at home, he's a complicated character. Intense and the further we get into the story his behavior begins to take on a different tone. . . Like a lot of young relationships and first loves things are so new and intense you might not notice when things begin to escalate and this story portrays that perfectly! You are going along and things are fun and no nonsense and then all of a sudden there is this conflict and tension, it really snuck up on me! But when we finally find out the reasoning behind all the behaviors Roger is exhibiting this turns into a very brave storyline choice on Erin's part. Not many stories deal with mental health issues teens face in a honest fashion and all of the ups and downs and the struggle just Day to day life takes is portrayed in a truthful manner.

This story is a powerful one, if you think it's going to be a cutesy run of the mill YA read, well yes, you have that stuff too but it's more than that! It's first love, heartache, learning about yourself and what you need, it's about self respect and family, and learning that it's okay to challenge things and ideas and it's okay to cry. So many different themes are wrapped up in here so I'm just going to leave you with this. Read it, talk about it, and remove the stigma from mental health issues. Be a part of the conversation and not a part of sweeping it under the rug.

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