Review: The Sweetness of Life By: Kathryn Andrews

Review: The Sweetness of Life By: Kathryn Andrews

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So I really love stories that involve a winery (must be my Italian heritage showing haha) but then when you add a enemies to Lovers kind of trope I had to pick this one up! Shelby and Zach are snarky and witty and stubborn by turns and it makes for one heck of a story! I like the setup that they did have a previous encounter that both were still harboring a grudge about (don’t get me wrong I love books with instalove as well as books where there is such a huge conflict that it really takes a while for the love story to hit it’s stride! Love isn’t perfect guys!)

She’s a restaurant owner and famous blogger (love that angle!) and he’s a ex-pro football player who has taken over his family’s winery what could go wrong right? Haha think again! When the stakes get raised for a Food Network gig there is a lot on the line for both of them and they are forced to work together to save their reputations.

Sparks begin to fly anytime these two are in a room together and they really have a sweet story. I love how Shelby is a really strong woman and knows what she needs, whether it’s space or time or just a little bit of wine and some girl time she isn’t afraid to say something! We need more characters like that, women who aren’t afraid to say “hey I need this, it may not make sense to everyone else but this is what I need for me in this moment to be okay”

I really enjoyed this story, it wasn’t quite your run of the mill romance, and it has a quirky down home feel to it. But there is so much truth in this story it’s one you will think about long after you finish it (btw I have some of these recipes on my shopping list . . . So be prepared for stories about that!)

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