Review: Show Me The Way By: A.L. Jackson

Review: Show Me The Way By: A.L. Jackson

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You know what I love (well okay one of the many things) I love about A.L’s writing style? Is she can take a different hero stereotype and make them completely unique! You think you’ve read one single dad romance and rinse and repeat right? No wait! We get Rex. . . (Dun Dun duhhh!) the heavens parted and pure romance magical swoonism happens. .. let’s play a game who wants to see how many times I can use different variations of swoon in one review?

So from the first swoontastic meeting you know Rex and Rynna have more than enough reasons to not give into that spark of attraction. These two have a major chip on their shoulders and we don’t find out the reasons behind that for some time (enjoy the angst guys!) because seriously I was jonesing for them to get it together. Everyone knows that 2 broken halves with just a little care and love can be put back together again. . . It’s not easy! You have to be patient (a friend of mine said that when I was whining saying I just wanna see them kiss already!) but good things come to those who wait!

This whole setting and different characters are just so well thought out that it just flows! From when we first seen Nikki and Lillith at the bakery they are a hoot! But that’s the thing, they are just warm and funny characters that you feel an immediate connection to. And all of the characters you meet up with are like hanging out with your best friend or love of your life. . . It just feels right.

When Rex and Rynna finally get their act together! It’s this beautiful, intense, a little angsty at first but it gives you this all encompassing sense that this story is going to be your favorite of all of A.L’s books (I know I’m not alone in this!) there are a few jaw droppers that I didn’t see coming that just added to the swoontastic, your gonna have to pry my Kindle out of my hand and face physical harm if you make me put the book down feeling this book inspires. . . No kidding!

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