Review: Resuscitation (Trauma Series #3) By: Cassia Brightmore

Review: Resuscitation (Trauma Series #3) By: Cassia Brightmore

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I am not the hugest fan of dark romance but I am absolutely obsessed with this series it’s like Grey’s Anatomy mixed with Dexter with characters you can’t help but want to climb in their twisty psyche and dig around.

Athena is right where we left her in Book 2 and okay Cassia, that cliffie? KILLED ME! But thank goodness you put me out of my misery quickly! Love ya for that! So things are a little complicated for our favorite surgeons turned executioners Cian doesn’t know who to trust, who’s the mole that is bringing the cops ever closer to their enterprise. Athena has been the Harley Quinn to Cian’s Joker from the very beginning and that relationship is strained to its limit within the first few pages that leave you with your heart beating fast and frantically flipping pages just to see what happens next, guys I had so much adrenaline making my heart beat faster it triggered my FitBit to send an alert letting me know I was hitting my cardio zone sitting on the couch holding my Kindle. (That’s when you know it’s intense!)

There were so many twists and turns in this book that when I sat down to write the review I went umm well no, I can’t say that or it’s going to spoil this and nope, can’t do that either. . . So this review is gonna be on the shorter end of my review word counts but let me just say for a non fan of dark romance Cassia Brightmore earns a little piece of my heart, because I could not get enough of this series! Print copies are on my wish list because when you read a series like this that changes your conceptions of the genre as a whole, a true book lover like myself is gonna want to have them in print!

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