Review: Last Words By: Shari J. Ryan

Review: Last Words By: Shari J. Ryan

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Guys, I have been a immense Shari Ryan Fan like HUGE! Since I read her first novel, with each one I know I am going to get a unforgettable, tug on your heartstrings, change your perception romance read. She always takes this unflinching stance on tough issues. You can always count on Shari to give you the truth on a subject, no matter how much it may hurt, be uncomfortable or challenge ideas. Last Words is a stunning tribute to the survivors, many books have been published about this dark, horrific time but Shari writes this book from the depths of her soul. Last Words is told from Amelia and Emma’s POV one anchored in the past telling a story that no one had a full understanding of and another POV from the granddaughter receiving her grandmother’s story in modern times but needing the lessons her grandmother needed to pass on to someone in her life now.

I was legit blubbering within the first two chapters, it begins such a beautifully told story. Shari’s prose is just gorgeously put together, it’s descriptive even during the rough parts, the times when you don’t want to think about the cruelty that people are capable of but you know happened, but in those moments that deserve to have the beauty highlighted it’s just done so well.

The story gradually unfolds piece, by piece one small story at a time and it’s like a origami crane some things may seem just like a singular memory but in the whole picture of the story everything has a purpose. This story is one I really believe you don’t need to read a cliff’s Notes review where I am going to tell you moment by moment what this story is, I believe it’s one that if you love Indie Authors you need to read and experience because it is so important! It was a story that needed to be told right now and by this author because I don’t think anyone else would have conjured a story quite like this one.

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