Review: Redemption Island (Island Duet) By: L.B. Dunbar

Review: Redemption Island (Island Duet) By: L.B. Dunbar

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Now I haven’t read much by this author I had read The Legend of Arturo King previously to picking up this book, and so I already knew I loved L.B’s storytelling style . But this book sounded so unique to me that I knew I needed to pick it up. I am always on the hunt for a novel that isn’t afraid to step out of what I like to call the safe tropes (the ones we keep seeing over and over) and rocking the boat as it were! This book is exactly that! I began the prologue and within just a few pages I was brought right into the story.

Tack and Juliet are really on two different ends of the spectrum and not just socio economically, both were offered this chance to try and learn something from this island paradise and L.B really plays up the differences in these characters, not just in the small things and personality traits but even the most minute things get attention. This meticulous attention to detail was an aspect of the story I really enjoyed.

As someone who has hurt people in the past we really get to see Tack feel regret for his actions, the entitlement he felt from coming from a rich, powerful family has been stripped away and he has to remake his life here on the island. When he is confronted with Juliet it really drives the point home. This social experiment the Island represents is a pretty fascinating idea and the restorative justice is a concept I’ve heard before from some of the classes I took in college. You have to wonder if this experiment would have functioned as well if Tack had actually been the one who did harm Juliet.

The story really begins to flow and once we get to the end I felt so emotional I didn’t know which way was up haha. I need the next installment of this duet like now! To know what was real, what was imagined and the perfect blending of the two that makes up the intrigue of the Island.

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