Review: The Hipster Chronicles By:Faith Andrews

Review: The Hipster Chronicles By: Faith Andrews

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I have come to love all of the different facets of a Faith Andrews book! You always get these unforgettable characters, relatable stories, some quirky humor, and some steamy-Melt your Kindle scenes. With The Hipster Chronicles we get these slices of life from many different characters. All wrapped up in this Hipster chic lifestyle. I loved every minute of this book. I was born on the west coast and these kind of people are like soul family. Haha I mean I went to a high school where you could have a latte delivered to your classroom by the student ran store. You could take an Americana song writing and guitar lessons class. And P.E? Taken at the fitness club in town where i sat in the hot tub instead of working out. . . Okay, so we were all a little Hipster circa 2003ish.

These characters, especially Emmy (Gah! Love her!) are really relatable and a girl after my own heart. Each one of these little vignettes is so sexy and sweet you can’t help but devour the whole book in the space of just a few hours because you don’t want to leave the world that Faith has immersed us in here.

The writing style was crisp and descriptive which I have come to expect from Faith, she always gives us the entire picture right down to the smallest details. The lighting of a place, how it smells, the ambiance. It’s so easy to get lost within the pages of her stories that makes her one of my auto one click authors!

I loved the format of all of these different storylines and how it all just flows together! It’s a unique way of storytelling and a lifestyle that I think is going to really connect with readers.

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