Review: What If We Break (Serendipity Holiday #1) By: Kinsey Corwin

Review: What If We Break (Serendipity Holiday #1) By: Kinsey Corwin

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I have been dying to get my hands on this book! I love Kinsey’s writing style and unique way of getting right to the heart of a story. In What If We Break we get the story of Dakota and Kreed and these two are perfection together! Usually the getting back together with an estranged spouse kind of trope is a little iffy, but Kinsey really delves into why things are different now for these two.

Love is always complicated, and especially young love and then add to that a military relationship and all of the ins and outs that accompany that. It’s really a tough situation, but when tragedy strikes and forces them apart the emotions really kick into high gear! When a celebration makes our couple cross paths again the sparks are instantaneous! To anyone who has lived in a small town can really relate to the fact that within 10 minutes everyone in town knew about that first run in haha. I love the setting of this story, it’s adorable!

The impending holiday and wedding gives the entire story a festive and bright atmosphere where you think something magical can happen just around the corner, it all adds to the tone of the story and really balances out the intense back and forth these 2 characters are going through. The natural progression through discovering what was once good, finding forgiveness for the past mistakes and then rebuilding their lives just flows so well you can just sit back and enjoy watching the story unfold.

The ending is so cinematic that I need this to be a Hallmark Christmas Movie STAT! It was a heartwarming, full of hope and magic of the holiday season and you know that love isn’t perfect but it is so worth it! I loved getting a glimpse into Serendipity and all of its residents I hope we get to see many more of them in the future!

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