Review: A Little Too Late By: Staci Hart

Review: A Little Too Late By: Staci Hart

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I loved Charlie’s character from a Thousand Letters, I thought he had so much more to tell us so naturally when Staci announced this book would be about him. . . Well I’m surprised you guys couldn’t hear the screech I emitted. . . (Seriously!)

The whole single dad trope has been done before but never in the way Staci told this story. It was refreshing and unique (which always describes a Staci Hart read haha) and told in such a vibrant fashion that these characters leap off the page and live and breathe! Hannah was such a interesting heroine, I love that Staci crafted her with such detail, the simple little things like where she was from and her friendship with Lysanne really brought home her gentle but strong spirit. All of her scenes with the kids and Charlie were picture perfect! I could easily dream up what I thought she would look like, expressions and mannerisms right down to the letter.

The story unfolds at such a dreamy pace that you find yourself just floating along completely wrapped up in the story, there are moments that are so heartbreakingly perfect and then there are moments that you can’t help but giggle. There is a specter of a grey cloud in Hannah’s previous employer and he gave me the heebie jeebies and made my skin crawl! Never was I so glad to see a character stand up for herself than I was with Hannah at that moment.

This was another atypical but gorgeously told romance told by Staci! It’s one of those stories that sweep you in and hold tight right up until the last page.

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