Review: Work Me Up By: Sasha Burke

Review: Work Me Up By: Sasha Burke

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So you guys know me I am always on the hunt for a new to me spectacular author! My newest find is the amazing Sasha Burke! First of all I thought the cover to this one was so eye catching! Then I read the blurb. . . I was all “ooooo! I need to make room on my TBR for this one!”

With this one you may think you’ve read every kind of billionaire kind of hero! But I assure you Logan was such a refreshing change from most of the other billionaire crowd. Yes, he may have oodles of money, but I love that Sasha didn’t make that a huge character point. He was a character that is worth so much more than his bank account! And while he goes all alpha and protective he’s not an ass about it (HUGE CHANGE FROM MOST BILLIONAIRE ROMANCE HEROES! At least the ones I’ve read) because of this it definitely changed my perception of the other heroes, I don’t like when the guy thinks that just because he has more money than sense that makes him God. I have avoided this trope for so long for this reason! So kudos to Sasha for getting me to pick up one haha.

Nicole was such a strong, take no prisoners kind of character and I loved the unexpected plot twist (you’ll know it when you get to it!) but it totally surprised me and added a little something special to the story! I loved her and Logan’s witty banter and how athletic she is, using a alternate therapy method was another unique quality that I really appreciated about her character!

Most people love the single Dad trope, and with all of the other elements it blends so well together! This was such a great read! So let’s recap, great cover– check! Unique characters–check! Cute storyline–check! And changed my entire perception on billionaire heroes? –double check! Or maybe it’s just how Sasha writes them that makes me want to read more? I might have to experiment with that thought. . . But still I know Sasha is one to watch! I would highly recommend this read!

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