Review: Chosen (Urban Legend Series #1) By: R.S. Broadhead

Review: Chosen (Urban Legend Series #1) By: R.S. Broadhead

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I am such a picky scary stories reader haha no joke! But I had seen this cover when I had supported the release Thunderclap and I knew immediately this book would both give me chills but also perk my interest (all of this before I even flipped the first page) I even talked about it so much that my fiancé who doesn’t read as much as I do had to support the Thunderclap campaign and asked if I bought a copy on release day (really? He should have known the answer to that one!) and here we are, at the end of the book and let me tell you this book was EVERYTHING I hoped it could be and more!

Piper was from a rough childhood when this mysterious presence makes itself known, then later after many years it’s back with a vengeance! With such a rollicking first couple of chapters I was immediately drawn into the story (like I devoured the first 25% of this book and was blinking around when I sat my Kindle down to switch laundry over half expecting to still be in the world I had just experienced within the pages) it’s that good! My adrenaline was flowing and I think I committed the quickest throw the clothes in the dryer session in the history of man.

There is such a visceral attention to detail with this story it’s easy for it to draw you in and not let go, we knew exactly what Piper was experiencing and feeling/thinking at every moment. As the story progresses the mystery deepens as to what exactly is stalking Piper and what it wants from her. When a death in the family forces her to confront her past things really begin to escalate! The ending will leave you breathless and eagerly wanting to know if there will be another book and will the storyline be picked right up where this one left off!

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