Review: Under The Cherry Blossoms By: Amali Rose

Review: Under The Cherry Blossoms By: Amali Rose

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I love discovering new books by a new to me author! I had previously seen the cover to this one floating around Facebook and I had immediate grabby hands, I am a sucker for a good cover. The story inside was adorably sexy and sweet. Ben and Skylah (Skye) meet through online dating and their relationship starts out with phone conversations, emails, texts and gradually a connection grows. Skye is hesitant to meet up with him due to some abandonment issues thanks to her dad and that really ripples through the story. And Ben has some issues in his past as well that have an impact on their relationship. But their connection has a history, more than either of them realize at first. That was a nice little plot twist. I stopped and just went D’Awww! Adorbs!

And like the cherry blossoms their relationship blossoms and they are so cute together! Ben is the resident corny joke teller and they are laugh out loud funny just for how bad they are but he gets an A for effort haha. During the last few chapters they experience a little road bump and I for one was glad it happened. During the whole story prior to that moment I was waiting for the other shoe to drop (maybe I’m a cynic?) but I was like this is too perfect, something has to happen or there wouldn’t have been a conflict to strengthen their bond. . . But then when it happens is was thinking “wow, I wanted some conflict but this is a doozy!” So in a way Amali gave me exactly what I wanted and then some! I thought this was a excellent quick read and I would definitely read more by this author!

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