Review: The Other Brother By: Meghan Quinn

Review: The Other Brother By: Meghan Quinn

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Meghan Quinn is synonymous with a glorious all encompassing romantic read! And with The Other Brother Meghan gives us another unforgettable story. Aaron has had a difficult upbringing and that really made him value certain things as he is now an adult out on his own running a uber successful construction company with his best friends (Racer is totally one of my all time favorite best friend characters, he’s hilarious but also a ride or die kind of loyal friend that you can really appreciate for more than the comedic relief he provides)

But getting back to the story, Amelia is the heroine in this book and she ends up moving next door to Aaron due to having to move back to town to attend to her dad who is suffering some health issues, but little does she know there’s a MASSIVE plot twist about to happen! And ohhh good grief! This one even caught me by surprise! I was all noming on some chocolate covered espresso beans and then next thing I knew I was all whaaaa?!!! Jaw dropped!

Turns out our girl and Aaron have a past! (Granted any first interaction that begins with a barter over pizza is guaranteed to make my bookworm and pizza loving heart flutter) and they had this whirlwind romance but when Aaron’s past pops up he ends up pushing Amelia away. So she’s got a little bit of a chip on her shoulder in their interactions now. Add to that one very huge shocker and you have such an complex and intriguing second chance romance. This book is now one of my absolute favorites, while it’s not as laugh out loud redonkulous shenanigans like some of her novels this one is still humorous and really heartfelt in more of a serious tone. I really enjoyed.

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