Review: Temple of The Forgotten By: Alex H. Singh (The Vampire Diaries Kindle World)

Review: Temple of The Forgotten By: Alex H. Singh (The Vampire Diaries Kindle World)

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I freely admit I have been the hugest Vampire Diaries fan, (I even lured my mom over to the dark side and got her hooked on it, literally she watches the series over and over!) so when I seen that Kindle Worlds was gonna take on the Vampire Diaries I was beyond stoked, so this was the first one I picked up. I hadn’t read anything by this author before so it was a double bonus for me!

This book starts off with an ominous dream where Bonnie Bennett encounters this little girl in need of help, and of course Bonnie being Bonnie haha immediately feels drawn to help out. So she travels to India where she realizes that there are supernatural elements at play and that she is the only one who can help out the people in this town.

I loved getting to catch up with Bonnie and we even see Damon and Elena as well, it seems like the story picks up after the series left off and I for one really appreciate that people really pushed for the what happens next aspect since to me the series finale seemed really rushed. (Or maybe it just seemed that way to me because I wasn’t quite ready to let it go yet.) but I think this is a perfect way to discover new authors and get more time with our favorite characters! This is the first one of this series that I picked up and I know I will be grabbing all of the others as well.

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