Release Blitz! Flash Point By: Annie Reynolds

RUN! – Flash Point is now live, being delivered to Kindles every where.

Got your copy yet??




Elsie Forrester thought she had it all figured out, she had her sights set on achieving her dream and she wasn’t about to let anyone get in her way – not her overbearing father who constantly reminded her she couldn’t and definitely not the sexy dirty blonde man-whore who worked alongside her at Firehouse 57.

She was determined to prove them all wrong and damned if anyone tried to stop her.

The only thing Joel Lane loved more than being a firefighter at Firehouse 57, was women, but keeping the two separate proved problematic when new recruit Elsie Forrester turns up at his firehouse.

When she showed no interest in him, it quickly becomes his new mission to shatter her steely façade. What was meant to stay fun and casual quickly turned into something neither of them expected.

When you play with fire, you’re bound to get burnt.

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