Review: Flash Point (Playing With Fire #2) By: Annie Reynolds

Review: Flash Point (Playing With Fire #2) By: Annie Reynolds

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I remember emailing Annie when I first read Slow Burn, book 1 in this series and going THIS! So much this! Cooper was exactly the romance novel hero the genre needed! I loved book one so much I was occasionally. . . Well okay like every other day going “you have Book 2 going yet?” I needed more of these characters. She gave us such a vibrant cast of characters in book one that I immediately went through all sorts of possibilities on who else we needed a story from. I was over the moon when I learned that Joel’s book would be next. He was such an intriguing character, he may seem like such a arrogant, playboy, panty chaser. But I assure you once you fall under his spell in Flash Point you are going to lump him right in with your favorite romance heroes of all time!

There was so much more to his character than we initially saw, that you really see all of the different layers in his personality. There’s the Fire Fighter, the strong, brave individual that stares fear and danger in the face and never backs down, he meets it head on. There’s the brother and friend to the other guys in the house, there is the man that is in between all of those different facets.

But as strong of a character that Joel is he needed a heroine that not only balances him out but challenges him. That is a tall order! As far as heroines go, Elsie was one of those kick in the pants, take no prisoners, strong female characters that perfectly exemplifies today’s modern woman, wanting to succeed in a male driven occupation isn’t an easy thing to tackle, but she does it with style and class (and plenty of sassiness!)

There’s a lot of tension within the firehouse about the new recruit, and Annie deals with it honestly in how she describes some of the treatment Elsie experiences, it is a very male dominated environment but it gradually becomes like a family (I knew it would! All the guys are great guys so I knew it would be just a matter of time)

I loved this story! There was so much to be said in addition to the love story but also dealing with a family expectation and how that drives you to constantly fight for what you want to achieve (whether that’s what they want for you or not!) Joel was the character I was most eagerly awaiting a book from and he did not disappoint. We see his character grow and change during the course of the book but underneath it all he’s still this sweet kind of guy, with a penchant for a little naughty humor. Definitely a can’t miss and top recommendation for me!

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