Review: Phoenix Gate (Vampire Diaries Kindle Worlds) By: Dylan Keefer

Review: Phoenix Gate (Vampire Diaries Kindle Worlds) By: Dylan Keefer

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In this installment of Bonnie Bennett’s adventures we see Bonnie again helping people out and trying to protect the world from Supernatural Forces. As a force of nature nick naming herself as “The Phoenix” Bonnie soon finds herself in over her head when she gets an unexpected job offer that she couldn’t turn down.

In this story we also get an unexpected love interest for Bonnie, but after losing Enzo so horribly it’s completely understandable how she’s keeping her love life on the back burner. But it does add a nice element of romantic tension that I wasn’t quite expecting. There are also a few new characters in Bonnie’s life right now and while I loved Blake as a hilarious roommate, Lara– the other roommate really kind of put me off a little bit. It didn’t affect how I enjoyed the story really, she just wasn’t on my list of favorite characters haha.

There were lots of small details in this book that really keep the character true to not only the Tv series but also to the original novels as well, that was the one thing I was worried about when this series was announced, and so far this is my second read of this series and Bonnie is still that character we couldn’t get enough of. But with addition to the attention to detail of a beloved character there is also the fearlessness to make the story original and unique enough so each participating author can really leave their mark on the character.

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