Review: A Steel Heart By: Amie Knight

Review: A Steel Heart By: Amie Knight

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Amie has become one of my all time favorite authors to watch since I first picked up A See Through Heart, The Line was also one of my can’t miss recommendations, now with a Steel Heart,

Now I will admit stories with a military background are not usually my favorites, I spent a time in my life in that environment and dealing with PTSD, it is a extremely difficult thing to live with not just for the solider but for the family members as well. But I knew if anyone could make me love the trope it would be Amie, because she just has this talent for changing your conceptions and to really give you a multi faceted character. Holden is a great hero! And the chemistry he has with Miranda was fire way back in the beginning!

I think Miranda is definitely a girl after my own heart, in so many ways haha. She is sweet, hilarious, and more than a little quirky and she is so relatable that you just want to hang out with her and talk about books or compare lists (I also make lists, like all the time!) it’s really the only way I stay organized haha.

This is such a complex, intense story. It reads like people just sitting there speaking to you telling you their story and i think that really lends to how quickly the story seeps into to your heart and weaves its way into the fiber of your soul. It’s not just about love, strength, new beginnings etc it’s a story of 2 lives intersecting just when it was meant to happen. Fate is such a huge thing in this story and I think it is going to be on so many top reads of the year list. You see from the covers that they are gorgeous but let me assure you the story inside are equally, but if not more beautiful and stunning than the outside.

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